What is Project Enablement?

Jason Antunovich shares his insights after 30 years in the industry

Jason Antunovich shares his insights after 30 years in the industry

While the term Project Enablement may not be well-known to everyone, this concept is beginning to make waves in the consulting, engineering and business worlds alike.

What is Project Enablement? 

Large industrial projects can easily become disjointed due to their scale and complexity, with multiple moving parts, many cross-functioning teams working alongside each other and a heavy compliance burden to manage. 

Project Enablement is a term used to describe the use of smart technology to create a more cohesive, consistent, and collaborative workflow where project commissioning and operational readiness requirements are connected through a single platform. This platform delivers data-driven insights through a structured framework, driving the integration of people, information and processes to achieve successful facility start-up. 

Ultimately, Project Enablement is an essential assurance discipline activity within the project execution process. Project Enablement programmes determine key activities that need to be managed in the early stages of a project and throughout the project’s lifecycle to reduce the impact on Commissioning and Start-Up (CSU).

What programme can allow for effective Project Enablement?

Introducing the ICORA® framework from OGS Global.  ICORA® provides readiness assurance for commissioning, start-up, asset integrity, and sustained operations and maintenance. The framework encompasses technology, process and a structured team to deliver outcomes.

ICORA® is able to provide a critical interface between the project owner and contractors, engineering and construction teams, allowing for governance, verification and assurance at all critical milestones and throughout the project lifecycle. Using the ICORA® framework, OGS is able to provide each of these team members with specialised and specific data for them to execute their function within the project with all of the data they could possibly need. 

During the project’s lifecycle, ICORA® will manage and reduce commissioning and start-up risks, providing readiness assurance and ensuring that operational and maintenance needs are taken into account.

Using ICORA®, project owners and teams have start-up certainty through regular and consistent risk reviews and delay mitigation, minimising start-up overruns, lost product revenues and potential contractual supply penalties. The system ultimately provides assurance that all aspects of commissioning and operational readiness have been identified and defined throughout the project, with processes and supporting documentation developed to achieve a smooth facility start-up and handover.

The ICORA® platform in practice:

The OGS team will configure a fully integrated commissioning and operations readiness project schedule. This schedule will outline all deliverables and activities required throughout the project lifecycle that must be completed for a project to meet its Ready for Start-Up (RFSU) date.

Once this schedule is developed, the ICORA® technology will track and manage progress. It will take into account all relevant project interfaces and report directly to the owner-operator for full transparency over the entire project. This allows for full cohesion of design, procurement, factory acceptance testing, logistics and construction, ensuring that start-up bottlenecks are avoided.

At OGS Global, we are pioneering the Project Enablement space and we are passionate about changing the way projects are delivered. If you would like to know more about our process and how our ICORA® data-driven platform can help you manage your next project, then please get in touch.

Jason Antunovich

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